The Ambridge Water Authority wishes to welcome you to our new website! The information provided here is intended to help serve you better – an extensive amount of information in one easily-accessible location available at any time you find convenient.

Please feel free to look for answers to any questions you may have within the site. Then if you find you need additional information, please do call us at 724.266.4847. We are very willing to take the time to explain or send you other documents that may be of assistance.

Thank you to all our customers for helping alert us to occurrences within the system that might otherwise go unnoticed for a period of time. It helps us do a better job if you tell us when you notice something that seems odd. That may be an unexpected sighting of water on a street or road or a valve cover missing in a sidewalk. It might be a hydrant that’s been hit by a vehicle and needs straightened and checked. Some people have even noticed rumbling noises at night that turn out to be leaks deep underground. And if you see anyone loitering around the tanks or pump stations, please call the police.

Should anyone come to your house claiming to be an AWA employee seeking admittance, be cautious. AWA employees drive white or blue trucks that are clearly marked. AWA employees wear bright yellow or blue uniforms labeled on the shirt with “Ambridge Water Authority” or “AWA” and their first name. All employees have photo ID badges, ask to see them. If you still feel unsure, call 724.266.4847 and ask for confirmation. We can tell you if an AWA employee should be knocking on your door and describe their appearance. (AWA will never send someone who is not an employee to your house.) We want you to be safe and avoid scams. Never hesitate to call.

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Online Payments

Welcome to eNETPAY, AWA’s online debit card, credit card, and echeck payment site. Please be aware that there is a fee each time a payment is made. The reason for this fee is that all customers of AWA have been bearing the cost of accepting electronic payments for several years. Yet only about 10...

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In 1824, (Old) Economy built the first running water system west of the Allegheny Mountains, piped from a reservoir in the hills.  These reamed-out logs, made into crude pipes, are part of the exhibits at Old Economy.  There are also ancient water pumps.  By 1826 every barn and street corner had a h...

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